Gene has been married to Andrea for 43 years. Together they have two adult children, Michael and Lisa, and four grandchildren, Hannalee, Caleb, Noah and Mia.

Gene holds a MA from Talbot Theological Seminary and is the founding pastor/rabbi of Cornerstone Boulder in Boulder, Colorado. This is a unique congregation that respects and observes both Jewish and Christian traditions and they calls this confluence- the merging together of two streams.

Gene’s 24 years as a teaching pastor in the city of Boulder, his unique perspective as a Jewish follower of Jesus and his positive navigation through many personal challenging seasons of life allow him to provide fresh insights and encouragement for anyone on a journey of faith.  His passion is to help others flourish in their individual journeys despite their circumstances.  

Gene sees all of history and the Bible as one seamless, beautiful love story from beginning to end. This Grand Story, with God as both the author and hero, has lots of nail-biting twists and turns but also has a happy ending. He sees our individual stories the same way and loves to help others discover how their stories fit in to the Grand Story. 

Gene leads yearly spiritual tours to Israel with Andrea, loves to travel the world and is an international speaker.


The Book Bold Journey

FORESHADOWS - information coming soon from publisher
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Gene is a gifted speaker on a variety of subjects and has had the privilege of speaking to many churches, organizations and groups around the world. Gene’s Jewish background, overcoming many serious life-challenges, and over thirty-years as a teaching pastor, afford deeper insights into the topics he teaches on.

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Overcoming Difficult Challenges In Marriage [Can be with his wife Andrea]


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