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Is your soul parched?

For those who truly surrender to God you will find the strength, the peace, and the purpose for this journey called life.

Soul Surrender is for those who feel as if they have lost the battle, wandered unto a dark path or feel there is no more hope.

Your journey is not over. 

Let God take hold of your circumstances.  Surrender it all to him and begin a new journey.  A bold journey.  One of surrender. 

What does it mean to surrender our all to God?  It means to let go of ourselves for a fresh filling of the creator of the universe.  Simply said, let go and let God. This is not an easy task. 

My hope and prayer is that my readers will begin a new journey—a bold journey—one of sweet surrender.  As you read this book you may be surprised to find that your own soul has be gently massaged back to life.


Book Reviews

“Andrea’s heart-warming words will refresh anyone’s parched soul. In this book she offers new insights on how to truly surrender to God and find strength, peace, and purpose in this journey called life”

Jean Blackmer, author of Boy-sterous Living, MomSense and Talking To Jesus

When the Soul Surrenders is an amazing personal journey that hits the reader to the core emotionally and spiritually. It is an easy read that keeps you wanting to learn more.”

Selena Helvey

“Be prepared to be bathed in the love of God as you read this book. Andrea has such an amazing grasp of the human soul and a knowledge of what a damaged soul needs. As she describes the lessons learned from Andy’s journey, your own soul will be gently massaged back to life.”

Patricia Juster, Tikkun International Ministries

When the Soul Surrenders helps you search your soul and find God’s amazing love and healing.
— Laney Webber, Ph.D. Director of Operations, BioScience Writers, Houston, TX

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