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Connecting the Dots

Seven Bible Mysteries you may have missed that will change your life

Connecting the Dots gives you a birds-eye view of Biblical history as one beautiful, seamless, grand story from beginning to end. You will discover how God uses the Jewish people throughout the entire story as an enigmatic, amazing foreshadow to reveal God's plan to establish an eternal family.

Through 7 mind-blowing foreshadows that clearly define the role of the Jewish people, you will grasp the Grand Story as never before, but more importantly you will see how your story fits into the Grand Story.

The 7 foreshadows in Connect the Dots presented in their logical order are:

The Covenant (the marriage)

The Nation of Israel (the family)

The Promised Land (the family home)

The Torah (the family rules)

The Temple (access to dad)

The Sabbath (family rest)

The Feasts (family reunions)


Watch to the video and read the book endorsements below to learn more about this life-changing book!



Book Endorsements

Understanding the role of Israel in God’s eternal plan for mankind is a key that will unlock new insight and revelation in your walk with the Lord. Get ready for an adventure. Once you pick up Connecting the Dots you will never read the bible the same way again!
— Jonathan Bernis, President and CEO Jewish Voice Ministries, International

“Gene Binder’s ‘Connecting the Dots’ is fascinating, thought-provoking, enlightening, and sprinkled with humorous and delightful stories. The book explains the place of the Jewish people in the grand narrative of God’s wonderful story, and expounds on God’s plan for mankind in a journey through 7 ‘foreshadows’—covenant, nation of Israel, promised land, law, temple, Sabbath and feasts. Binder highlights clearly the story of the eternal love relationship that exists between God and his people. An excellent read!“

Hélène Dallaire, PhD, Earl S. Kalland Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages, Director of Messianic Judaism Programs Denver Seminary

“Connecting the Dots is a well written and thoroughly researched resource that reveals the passionate pursuing love of the Father in ways that will take the reader’s breath away. I was not only moved by the poetic portrait of God’s unconditional love, but I learned more about the unity of scripture than I could have imagined. Connecting the Dots is an introduction to the bible, theology, and ministry packed into a single book. Gene Binder has given us a gift.”

Terry Wardle, Professor Emeritus, Ashland Theological Seminary: conference speaker and author of numerous books including Identity Matters: Discovering who You are in Christ


“Have you ever wanted the “bird’s-eye” view of scripture?  Have you ever felt that your view and understanding of God’s story is zoomed in?  Connecting the Dots is the drone you’ve been waiting for.  Not only will it help you fly higher, but with your new Jewish-Christian glasses Gene provides, you will be able to focus and see God’s plan in greater depth.  Let Gene take you up with Connecting the Dots….enjoy the view! ”

Spencer Nicholl, of Big Horn Ministries

“Every once and awhile someone comes along that writes a book and puts Scripture passages together in a new and prophetic way that brings new and wonderful understanding.  Then if that is stated with clarity the truths become even more powerfully conveyed.   Pastor Gene Binder has written such a book.  This book will thrill us at the simple clarity and with its persuasive argument.  Read and enjoy!“

Daniel Juster, Th. D. Restoration form Zion of Tikkun International


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