On this page you will find inspirational, bold video stories of ordinary people on an extraordinary bold journey on their way back home. These are people who are currently battling or have overcome a personal struggle who will share how faith plays a vital role in the journey. 

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Stephen Grooters has struggled with chronic pain as a result of Lyme disease for the last seven years. Despite this, Stephen has a strong message of perseverance and hope that will speak to all who struggle with persistent physical, emotional or spiritual pain. 


January 15. 2018 marks the 9th anniversary of when Flight 1549 ditched into the Hudson River after a bird strike disabled its engines. Chris and Karin Rooney were on the fateful flight. In this first ever Bold Story, Karin Hill talks about her struggle with PTSD, fear and anxiety in the years that followed the crash landing. Her story is inspirational to all those who have experienceD trauma of any kind. Karin has also written a book about her journey called "Sink Or Swim" and you can find it at HERE