We are all part of a Grand Story, a story bigger than our individual stories, and each of us play a vital role. In fact, the Grand Story is incomplete without your story.

The ultimate goal of the Grand Story is to get you safely back home, but the long journey home is often anything but safe. It is typically filled with plenty of nail-biting twists and turns that will test your resolve. You may experience seasons of doubt, sadness, confusion, anger, and loneliness.  And at times, you might even want to give up.

Bold Journey is here, not only to help you make it home safely, but also to provide supportive resources to make your journey home an adventure and purpose filled ride. Whether you are in a season of success or challenge, we want to help you see how your story fits into the Grand Story.  In fact, without your story, the Grand Story is incomplete. Everyone has a story, but few realize that they are on a journey- a journey to make it back home.

The details of your personal journey are not distractions or inconsequential. Every success, every challenge, every nail-biting twist and turn is the unique unfolding storyline of your journey home. Once you embrace it as your personalized story, the possibilities of appreciating the adventure and discovering the deeper meaning and purpose in your journey are endless.   

In the future, we plan on regularly uploading bold stories to this website and we’d love to hear how yours is unfolding.